CSA Week Twenty-two

I broke out my leather boots last week which can only mean one thing….It’s Fall! The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler and our CSA Season is coming to an end. We only have 4 weeks left of delicious produce and it has been quite the year. Becoming a member of a CSA was such a great experience. The mystery of the colors and shapes that we received each week in our reusable Greensleeves Farm bag has allowed us to try and cook things we never knew existed. I’ve learned some things about farming while getting our hands dirty out on the farm. The best part is I have a ton of frozen tomatoes for chili all fall and winter long. But for now, I am going to cook this big old spaghetti squash you see below for dinner tonight!


Week Twentytwo CSA Share www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


CSA Week Twenty-two Share: Mustard Greens, Beans, Potatoes, Garlic, Sage, Cherry Tomatoes, Variety of Sweet Pepper, Okra, Spaghetti Squash, Eggplant

CSA Weeks Twenty & Twenty-one

Fall is officially here (yay)!! Don’t you love this time of year, the weather is getting cooler, football is underway, and it is crock pot season. I should probably buy stock in crock pots because I use them ALL the time in the fall and winter. Nothing is better than coming home from work to a hot dinner that is ready or having the smell of chili fill your home on football Sunday. You can see in our CSA shares from Greensleeves Farm these past two weeks we’ve received some fall crops, lots of varieties of squash and more potatoes which we love. What is your favorite thing to cook in the fall?


Week Twenty CSA Share - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

Week Twenty Share: Butternut Squash, Potatoes, Pattypan Squash, Yellow Squash, Rainbow Chard, Beets, Garlic, Okra, Tomatillos


Week Twenty-one CSA Share - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

Week Twenty-one Share: Butternut Squash, Potatoes, Pattypan Squash, Costata Romanesco Squash, Rainbow Chard, Green Beans, Garlic, Okra, Eggplant, Kale

CSA Weeks Eighteen & Nineteen – Double Share Week

MY OH MY did we get a huge share this week! One of the amazing things about being a part of the CSA Share at Greensleeves Farm is that if you are out of town or cannot pick up your share on a given week, as long as you let them know in advance you can skip that week and get double the goodies the following week. Over Labor Day weekend we went away to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and so this week we got 2 weeks worth of food in one week. Looks like I will be doing a lot of cooking this weekend to make sure no food goes to waste. My husband already requested my Roasted Beet & Veggie Quinoa recipe since we got nice large beets this week so I will definitely be adding that to our weekly meal plan.

And guess what time of the year it is?  It’s Football Season and you know what that means…the hot chili is in the crock pot and the cold beer is in hand. I love fall weather and fall recipes! It might be my favorite time of the year to cook, especially in the crock pot. Nothing is better than quickly throwing dinner together in the morning and coming home after work and having a hot dinner ready to be devoured. I am so happy we had such an abundance of tomatoes this year between our home garden and our CSA Shares that I was able to Freeze Tomatoes to have them on hand for chili, soups, and sauces all fall and winter long. If you want to know how to Freeze Tomatoes be sure to check out that post. Take a look below at our lovely share!


Week Eighteen Nineteen CSA Shares www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

CSA Share Week 18/19: Basil, Garlic, Beets, Rainbow Chard, Zucchini, Baby Leeks, Kale, Potatoes, Okra, Banana Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Pattypan Squash, Sweet Dumpling Squash

CSA Weeks Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen & Seventeen

Well hello September, can you please tell me where your friend August went? I mean is it just me or did August just come and go this year? I literally have no idea where the entire month went. I do know however, that I received 4 weeks of delicious produce from Greensleeves Farm. We are still getting lots of color and a variety of summer vegetables. I’ve been experimenting and trying lots of new recipes this summer, that I will be sharing with you soon. In the meantime, here is what we received the entire MONTH of August!


Week Fourteen CSA Share www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

Week Fourteen CSA Share: Squash, Fennel, Rainbow Chard, Beans, Lettuce, Sweet Pepper, Garlic, Bell Peppers (Green & Purple), and many different Tomato varieties.


Week Fifteen CSA Share www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

Week Fifteen CSA Share: Tomatillo, Rainbow Chard, Beans, Eggplant, Potatoes, Garlic, and many different Tomato varieties.


Week Sixteen CSA Share www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

Week Sixteen CSA Share: Herb Flowers, Potatoes, Beets, Beans, Sweet Pepper, Garlic, and many different Tomato varieties.


Week Seventeen CSA Share www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

Week Seventeen CSA Share: Potatoes, Okra, Beets, Rainbow Chard, Basil, Beans, Eggplant, Sweet Pepper, Garlic, and many different Tomato varieties.

CSA Week Thirteen

Summer season is in full bloom and we are loving all the delicious produce that came in our week thirteen CSA Share from Greensleeves Farm. As I mentioned last week, we’ve had an abundance of tomatoes, so I spent my Saturday morning freezing tomatoes for the fall and winter. (Details coming soon!) I was also introduced to a new eggplant variety this week, Fairy Tale Eggplant. It is so cute, they are these small little vegetables, with a gorgeous purple and white pattern. I roasted these up with some other vegetables and they were so delicious. I also still love receiving lettuce in our share well into the summer to make some scrumptious salads.

CSA Share Week Thirteen - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


Week Thirteen CSA Share: Lettuce, Eggplant, Fairy Tale Eggplant, Sweet Pepper, Garlic, Beets, Bell Peppers (Green & Purple), and many different Tomato varieties.

CSA Week Twelve

CSA Week Twelve Share is here! I am lovin’ all this color that we are now seeing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my greens, but it is exciting to see lots of new items in our share. This is one of the best parts about being involved with a CSA. You eat what is in season. Not only do you get to enjoy produce freshly ripened on the vine, but it also saves you money to eat what is in season. Being on a budget and eating organic, it is important to be a smart shopper. Along with eating in season, another one of my shopping tips is to shop the sales. If something isn’t on sale that week, I don’t buy it. I will find something else or plan my meals accordingly. You really can save so much money at the grocery store by meal planning and shopping smart.

It addition to the CSA, we have our small garden in our backyard that is overflowing with tomatoes. I think this weekend will be the perfect time to freeze a bunch up for the fall and winter. Freezing tomatoes is so easy and convenient for cooking with them all year long. I will post on that soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this week’s share below.


CSA Share Week Twelve - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


Week Twelve CSA Share: Bush Beans, Eggplant, Summer Squash, Cabbage, Blackberries, Garlic, and many different Tomato varieties.


CSA Week Eleven

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer, everywhere you go… You see those beautiful red tomatoes below? Ah I just I love it. We received tomatoes this week in our CSA Share and our garden out back is overflowing with these delicious little red tomatoes. I can’t wait to make some homemade ketch-up and pasta sauce. I might even dust off my grandma’s old mason jars and learn how to do some canning this summer.


CSA Share Week Eleven - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


Week Eleven Share: Beets, Garlic, Eggplant, 2 Types of Lettuce, Cabbage, Banana Peppers, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Cucumbers, Rainbow Chard, Fennel

CSA Week Ten

Look below!  Do you see that? There are peppers in this weeks CSA share! Woo Hoo! Plus I was introduced to a new type of squash this week, Tromboncino Squash. It is long, skinny with a fun shape. It tastes, well like squash, but does have a sweet flavor that almost has a mild buttery flavor. These purple beans have been fun cooking with and if you have kids I am sure they would love the magic of these beans. When they cook, they turn green. So imagine blowing your kids away as you put them in the oven purple and then they come out green. Even I thought that was fun!


CSA Share Week Ten - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


Week Ten Share: Rainbow Chard, Tromboncino Squash, Sweet Peppers, Banana Peppers, Squash, Zucchini, Garlic, Fennel, Cucumber, Purple Beans


CSA Week Nine


Hip Hip Hooray!!! I am so excited to start seeing some of the summer produce appear in our CSA. Don’t get my wrong, I love my greens, but zucchini and beans and carrots oh my! I can’t wait to start cooking! Since I am gluten-free and cannot eat pasta, I love me some Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) and cannot wait to share that recipe with you!


CSA Share Week Nine - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


Week Nine Share: Fennel, 2 Kinds of Kale, Carrots, Lettuce, Cucumber, Squash & Zucchine, Cabbage, Purple Beans, Lemon Basil & Mint


Does anyone have any suggestions for Fennel?  I am stumped on what to do with it other than use it to tickle my husband’s toes lol. It is perfect for that 🙂

CSA Week Six…Seven…Eight

Vacations are nice, everyone needs a little time away every now and again. Time to refresh, recharge, and relax. We just got back from a 2 week vacation, road tripping it from Kentucky to Asheville, on to Hilton Head, Cocoa Beach, Atlanta and then back to my old Kentucky home. We enjoyed visiting with family, tasting new beer, eating fresh seafood, and surfing. And in case you were wondering we didn’t see any sharks in the ocean, so that is always a plus. Oh well now it is back to reality…

Here is the week 6 CSA share that I received before vacation. I was excited for more Kohlrabi, click the recipe below to see what I did with this funky root. (You will love it, it was so yummy….think potato chips). Weeks 7 and 8 I didn’t get a picture of since I let my parents pick up and enjoy all the fresh produce since we were on vacation. I enjoyed the texts I received from my mom all week wondering what to do with all the deliciousness.

CSA Share Week Six...Seven...Eight - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com

Week Six Share: Collards, Scallions & Garlic Scapes, Beets, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Snow Peas, Microgreens