Hello There.

I’m Christy, a Kentucky girl who has a passion for living a simple life. Simplicity and order make me happy. I love to organize and give everything a place. I love food. REAL food. And I love to cook using simple and clean ingredients.

I was the kid that color coded everything. Made a list for everything and anything. Alphabetized my DVD collection and organized my mom’s pantry just for “fun”. Now my favorite possession is my label-maker.  I don’t know what I would do without it. Really I don’t.

I don’t like chemicals in my food or in my household products, so you will see lots of DIY recipes for all kinds of things. I want to share with others that it is simple to be simple.

My husband Steve is a Chiropractor, so we really started embracing a fully healthy lifestyle about 7 years ago and we haven’t looked back since. We have a black lab named Dakota who has as much energy as a ping-pong ball. You usually will find her with a ball wiggling like crazy. We have one year old boy, Ashby, who is just makes life amazing and baby number 2 due in January!

I hope you stay a while and check out my site. Let’s get to know each other shall we?

XOXO, Christy

Christy Headshot-1