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Kroger Easy For You Seafood - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


Lent…that time of year we all either love or hate. Whether you are giving up something like chocolate or social media, or doing something positive, like a random act of kindness each day, it’s about making a positive change for 40 days, that hopefully you can continue beyond Easter. I love this time of the year, counting down the final days of winter, swim suits in the stores, and planning those summer vacations. But if you’re like me, Lent also means no meat on Fridays. I always have flashbacks of fish sticks or fried fish sandwiches from 12 years of private school. Now those options are fast and easy, but not really good for you. Luckily Kroger’s Easy For You Seafood program, gives you fast and easy options that are also much healthier than fried processed fish.


Kroger Easy For You Seafood - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


I was first introduced to Kroger’s Easy For You Seafood a few weeks ago at the new Oakley Kroger Blogger Event, you can read about that HERE. That first time I got the wild caught salmon with fresh organic herbs, lemon, garlic, and butter and it was delicious (see image above)! I knew I would be using this program again and again, making it easy for someone like me with a busy schedule to have a quick and easy healthy option for dinner.


Kroger Easy For You Seafood - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


Today is the first Friday in Lent and Kroger is offering a $1 Off Easy For You Seafood, every Friday during Lent, Feb 12-Mar 25. You all know I love to save money, but what makes this even cooler is the fact that the $1 off coupon is automatically added to your plus card account (SO simple right!) and you can use this an unlimited amount of times (score!)! So if you buy 5 Easy For You Seafoods, you get $5 off! Can’t beat that!

If you don’t know how the Easy For You Seafood program works, here is the cliff notes version.

  1. Choose Your Seafood
  2. Choose Your Seasoning and Garnish
  3. Take The Oven-Ready bag Home and Bake

It really is that easy! Plus this service is free!


Kroger Easy For You Seafood - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


Today I got the USA wild caught cod loin (see above)! I don’t eat farm-raised fish, and the employee behind the counter was so helpful and got a binder out to give me all my wild caught options. You also know eating clean is very important to me, last time when I tried the salmon I just got fresh organic rosemary, lemon, garlic, and butter and that was a delicious clean option. This time I wanted to try a seasoning because cod can sometimes be a boring fish. I got it seasoned with the Vegetable Pepper Medley which is an all-natural gluten-free seasoning consisting of dehydrated red and green peppers, onion, black pepper, celery, and parsley. I then had them add fresh organic rosemary, lemon, garlic, and butter for added flavor. Another nice thing about this service is they had sealed seasoning jars right out on the counter so it was easy for me to read the ingredients and find a clean option for me. Me and the hubby both loved it and it paired great with Old Bay Cauliflower, one of my favorite recipes!


Old Bay Roasted Cauliflower - www.eatcleanlivesimple.com


So happy Lent! I encourage you toss out those fish sticks and visit your Kroger today to try the Easy for You Seafood program and don’t forget on Fridays through lent you get $1 off! Be sure to share this, so your friends can save too! If you want more information about Kroger’s Easy For You Seafood program, click HERE.



*This post is sponsored by Kroger, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. My mouth is watering, those pictures look delicious! I think I need to head to Kroger (in our area, they are called Smith’s, and I’m on my way!) Thanks so much!!

  2. That is awesome that they do that! I wasn’t aware – so something I have to look into. And that cod loin looks so incredibly delicious. Yum!

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