Sumo Citrus: Kudos to the Sumos

  The midwest just got a whole lot sweeter! If you are like me (which I assume you are since you are reading my blog) then you probably enjoy a good piece of fruit. Especially deliciously sweet oranges when they are… Continue Reading

Birth Story of Our Baby Boy

  I’m a mommy! I’m still getting used to saying that and sometimes when I am staring at our beautiful baby boy, I have to pinch myself…this is real…he is ours. If you follow Eat Clean Live Simple on Facebook… Continue Reading

Oven Roasted Cashews

  Cashews, oh how I love thee. But I don’t love the soybean oil and other ingredients that you are often roasted in. And eating you raw just isn’t the same. So that is why I decided to roast my… Continue Reading

Easy Lent Options With Kroger Easy For You Seafood – Plus Save Money!

  Lent…that time of year we all either love or hate. Whether you are giving up something like chocolate or social media, or doing something positive, like a random act of kindness each day, it’s about making a positive change for 40… Continue Reading

Old Bay Roasted Cauliflower

  Old Bay Roasted Cauliflower is one of my absolute favorite things to eat! It’s my go to side dish whenever we have seafood, and it also makes the perfect snack for watching the game. But let me back up… Continue Reading

World’s Easiest Paleo Cookies

  I have to admit I am not much of a baker. I think that’s because I really do not have a sweet tooth, I’m not into cakes and pies and all that sweet stuff. My sweet Grandma Lorraine used… Continue Reading

Easy Clean Taco Seasoning Recipe

  One of my favorite parts about eating clean is updating some of my old favorite foods and recipes by substitutions and modifications. I can enjoy just about everything I always did, but in a new healthier way. Everything from pizza… Continue Reading

Kroger Simple Truth & Easy For You Event

  I had the amazing opportunity tonight to join other Cincinnati Bloggers at the new Kroger Oakley Marketplace to check out the store, taste some food, and sip some wine (ok I didn’t drink, I’m pregnant remember, but I’ve been… Continue Reading

barre3, Are you up for The Challenge?

In less than 24 hours we will be toasting champagne, tossing confetti, and ringing in the New Year with the ones we love. Typically this is the time of the year when we make resolutions, promising ourselves to make a… Continue Reading

The Best Christmas Present Yet…

  My hubby and I have some exciting news to share… …we are having a baby in June! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be parents and to bring a child into our world. Of course this will mean lots… Continue Reading